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Member Obligations
  • Members comply with certain terms and conditions to remain in good standing with the Co-op.

  • Members are not obligated to take a Co-op negotiated television network; however, if they want to distribute the network, it must be through the Co-op, or through their own separate agreement. They may not carry a Co-op provided service without an agreement.

  • Members are required to sign a separate participation agreement that binds them contractually to the affiliation agreement.

  • Members are obligated to provide monthly customer totals.

  • Member must agree to provide Co-op access to the Member’s bank account to facilitate automatic monthly payment deductions.

  • Members must remain current with their payments.

  • Should a Member be asked to leave the Co-op or if the Member decides to leave the Co-op, television networks will be notified. Both sides can then determine whether to continue or sever the relationship.

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